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What is an Analytic Brokerage™?

Pitcher Insurance Agency is your Analytic Broker™.

We understand true value does not reside in the pricing of insurance, but in the ability to improve your business performance. What’s more, is that we will quantify our partnership results inside your financial statement.


Cutting-Edge Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Specialty Resources

We are considered trusted partners in helping our clients achieve their most important business goals. Whether it’s growth, improving profitability, hitting your EBITDA goal, or increasing your ownership equity and stock valuation, our team is uniquely qualified to assist your organization. Our ability to impact and improve the financial outcomes of our clients sets us apart from traditional (obsolete) insurance brokers.

Have You Outgrown Your Insurance Broker?

5 Reasons to Choose Our Analytic Brokerage™
  1. We are dedicated to improving your business model. This includes understanding your KPI’s and desired business results and putting a plan together to achieve them.
  2. We treat our clients like partners (not customers). Every step of the way, we’ll show you how we’re providing you with a quantifiable, improved business result.
  3. We’ll provide you with business outcomes to score our performance. Don’t take our word for it; we’ll provide credible data that demonstrate our impact.
  4. We’ll supply business intelligence to give you better decision support. Making strategic business decisions requires insight—we’ll show you the numbers.
  5. We have access to technology, resources, and data that our competitors do not possess, making it virtually impossible for them to compete on our level.
Current Broker Assessment

In order to determine the level of service being provided by your current broker, here are some questions that you should ask them during your next assessment:

  1. What contributions have you made to our EBITDA, shareholder value, and capital expenditure budget in the past three years?
  2. Aside from insurance transactions and claim payments, how have you improved our quantifiable results and KPI’s?
  3. What was our controllable financial leakage over the past 36 months and how have you helped us recapture it?
  4. What financial metrics will you provide us on an ongoing basis that translates your representation into a quantifiable impact on our financial statement?

If your broker can’t provide you with succinct answers to these questions, you are being under-served. As an Analytic Brokerage™, we can provide these answers and more.

The Next Step: A Deeper Discussion

As an Analytic Brokerage™, we will provide you with an action plan that will pinpoint areas of cost reduction opportunity that can be used to improve your EBITDA, margins, surplus, and financial stability. It is our goal to further strengthen your business model by reducing the financial leakage that blocks your ability to achieve your important business goals.

Contact us today, and we’ll provide an assessment of your current cost structure, how we can impact it, and what the potential business improvement results will be. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to explore our Analytic Brokerage™ services.

Together we’ll strengthen your business performance.

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