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Safety Services

Our Value-Added Services Mission Statement: To proactively support and protect our client’s capabilities of
producing the highest quality products by providing services that protect their productive resources, reduce their
Total Cost of Risk and promote their image among their customers, employees, vendors, and stockholders.



Here is an overview of the services provided by Pitcher Insurance Agency.

We are always ready to assist our clients in not only reducing potential accidents but offering informative resources and articles on how to prevent them before they can happen.

On-Site Employee Safety Training
Our safety director will train your employees on an annual or monthly basis to OSHA regulations. A few areas of training are forklifts, lockout/tagout, hazard communication, machine guarding, personal protective equipment, and emergency evacuation. Service includes an OSHA compliant record-keeping book to centralize your records.

OSHA Inspection
Our safety director will evaluate exposures and identify all areas of your operation where an OSHA standard will apply. This will also include a review of applicable safety policies and procedures, interviewing affected employees, reviewing historical injury data, and interviewing safety team personnel. For each OSHA standard violation found, we will also provide an estimate of potential fines and penalties.

Safety Assessment
We will numerically evaluate the organization’s current situation, and safety policies then give you a detailed written report with recommendations based on your specific results, which will pinpoint where to focus safety efforts. The purpose of this assessment is to assist you in evaluating the soundness of your current safety and health program from the perspective of minimizing total costs. You will be amazed at how quickly you can make improvements once your existing safety programs are assessed and prioritized, and a plan is established.

Safety Manual
We will work with you to identify problem areas that lead to workplace injuries, pinpoint their causes, and come up with safety solutions to be included in your customized safety manual. Research has proven that employees are more productive and have less absenteeism in a safe environment, and it is better to have employees working with you to manage their own safety in that way they feel more responsible for the safety of not only themselves but their co-workers as well.


Watch this video and learn how we can help you manage your OSHA compliance and safety programs and then call us toll-free at (800) 850-5560 for a free Risk Management review.

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